The Australian-American standup, political commentator and writer on the things that make him laugh the most

The funniest standup Ive ever seen

The first time I saw Andrew Maxwell down at the London Comedy Store. He completely destroyed.

The funniest sketch Ive ever seen

Tim Robinsons The bones are their money, so are the worms from I Think You Should Leave. Its parodying Johnny Cash making up a song, and then the guy on bass pipes in about skeletons. Its too hard to explain. Go watch it.

The funniest heckle Ive ever had

I dont know about funniest, but getting punched in the head at the Manchester Comedy Store was the most memorable. He may have said something funny before he hit me, but I was too concussed to remember.

The funniest TV show Ive ever seen

When I moved to Britain in 2000, I watched Da Ali G Show. I found it groundbreaking at the time and I still do.

The funniest film Ive ever seen

[Monty Pythons] Life of Brian is the funniest movie ever. I learned more about religion in Life of Brian than I did in Sunday school.

The funniest meal Ive ever eaten

I once had a beef wellington where they served spinach on the side. Hilarious. Who would put that together?Its still a great story at parties.

The funniest joke Ive ever heard

I dont have a girlfriend, but I do know a woman whod be mad at me for saying that Mitch Hedberg.

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